CUMSH.COM (domain + website + content) for sale


This page will give you details about this sale, if you have any question don't hesitate to contact me :


Cumsh! best adult videos from +50 sites


About the domain name 

CUMSH.COM(the domain name) has an history of 12 years. We can find records on dating from 2004 (*/

Also here is a screenshot history since 2005 on domaintools:

The website has I build it is much younger, I started this project about two years ago when

Here is the current whois infos : : Created on 2013-12-13 - Expires on 2017-12-13 - Updated on 2016-06-14

IP History     55 changes on 27 unique IP addresses over 12 years

Registrar : NAMECHEAP.COM 

Value according to estibot : 1000$


SEO Informations

Pages indexed on google : about 1925017100 (15th june 2016)

PageSpeed Score : 88% (check on gtmetrix) (92 on google pagespeed)

YSlow score : 97% (check on gtmetrix)


Technical informations

Cumsh is powered by Joomla, making it really easy to administrate and to evolve (add a blog, directory etc...)

The whole site has been optimized for speed and SEO.

Cumsh offers a mobile version ( which also obtains good score on Google PageSpeed)

the database contains  about 600000 videos links (with image, description, titles, length, category, tags)

the videos have been indexed from multiples sites (140 different hosts)




about 80 - 100 unique visitor per day

daily traffic april 2016  



nothing significant (expect a couple of dollars with xhamster referal)


I believe it has great potential for monetization , but i wanted a site with no ads .  ads revenu wasn't my goal when I created it and finally this part of the development job is not my cup of tea (finding partners , registering to programs etc..) I am more a technical person.




I open to negotiation and offers !! if you are interested contact me by email



I can accept :

- wire transfert

- bank check

- bitcoin / litecoin

- an escrow service at your charge